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Solomoni Biumaiono
Sunday, November 11, 2012

Dockworker dies

in crane crash

The giant steel pulley of a crane smashed into the head of a dockworker killing him instantly at Lautoka wharf yesterday.

Another dockworker was seriously injured when the boom of the crane lifting a pile of timber collapsed and came crashing down.

Killed was 46 year old Rokomamaca Driu of Naviyago Village.

Semi-conscious in Lautoka Hospital last night was Vonivate Rabuitoga, 46, from the same village.

PNG envoy calls on Col. Rabuka

Papua New Guinea High Commissioner to Fiji Mr Maimu Raka-Nou yesterday paid a courtesy call on the head of government Colonel Sitiveni Rabuka.

The visit follows Papua New Guinea's full recognition last week of the Republic of Fiji.

With the visit, the PNG High Commissioner became the first head of a Fiji-based diplomatic mission to make a formal call Col Rabuka.

Flotsam and Jetsam

There are free riders — and free riders, but this may take some beating.

Beachcomber rang for a taxi in Flagstaff, Suva and one was at the door within minutes — with a passenger inside.

The driver explained that the drunk simply refused to get off and if Beachcomber could get him to leave he'd get a free ride home.

Beachcomber, quick to spot a bargain, reached in, grabbed the drunk by the collar and yanked him out and onto the pavement — and saved himself a $3 fare!

US prepared to defend region

America will still come to the defence of the South Pacific countries including Fiji despite the uncertainty of the ANZUS Treaty, the Commander in Chief, US Pacific Command Admiral Ronald Hays said in Hawaii recently.

Admiral Hays made the comment while speaking to a group of Pacific journalists, including Mesake Koroi of the Fiji Times.

ANZUS is a defence treaty between Australia, New Zealand and the United States in which the three countries agreed to help each other in time of war.

But the future of the Treaty is now questionable after New Zealand declared its ports nuclear free.

Navy sacks pair for rebel tour

Former national rugby captain Koli Rakoroi and Esala Teleni have been sacked by the Fiji Navy for going on the rebel tour of South Africa.

Lieutenant Teleni and Chief Petty Officer Rakoroi were informed of the decision when they returned home from the 13-match tour late last month.

And Teleni started work last week with Carpenters Shipping in Suva as a cadet shipping officer. Rakoroi has not taken up employment since being discharged by the navy.

The pair defied a Royal Fiji Military Forces order for their players not to join maverick Fiji Rugby Union executive Arthur Jenning's South Pacific Barbarian team.

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