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'Fiji's in good hands'

Colin Deoki
Friday, November 09, 2012

There are moments in life when we have an overwhelming, irresistible urge to literally lift someone up on our shoulder to celebrate their victory.

Young Iliesa Delana is one of those along with many others like him, who, through their achievement give us hope that "it is possible".

Despite the odds, the setbacks, the failures, the naysayers and circumstances; whether it's physical, financial or otherwise — they breathe hope and inspiration back into our sometimes tired, worn-out dreams that have lain dead or dormant in life's dust and debris.

Most of these men, women, boys and girls are humble heroes — ordinary folk who've taken the extraordinary step in achieving their goal in life. However, as with most victories in life, they come at a price of personal sacrifice, courage and determination defying all odds. Only their closest family, friends, mentor and coach know the pain they've had to endure to achieve success.

While we celebrate the individual or team we sometimes forget the unsung heroes; the trainers, runners, medical staff, administrators, families and friends and many others who've had a hand in making victory happen. If one was to "chart" the course of someone's rise to victory, it would be filled with people, those sometimes nameless individuals who continue to encourage us when there was no victory in sight.

When the Melbourne Storm won the 2012 NRL premiership title, their coach Craig Bellamy, stood aside to allow his team to take the spotlight. Theirs is a remarkable achievement, especially in view of what happened with the salary cap rort. They rose from the ashes of despair and discouragement, defying critics to win.

What's even more encouraging for Fijians is that young Sisa Waqa was a key player in that side. His story and rise to NRL fame is exemplary. He knew what he was "fighting" for even before he took the pitch. He had a reason to win — to give hope to his family, and especially his brothers, that there is a way to turn life's regrets and disappointments around.

Perhaps we can all take a leaf out of their book of hope and encouragement, when there's a will there's a way.

As I read the many stories and views in The Fiji Times, I'm encouraged that Fiji is in good hands. Recently, I read Fay Volatabu's eloquent article encouraging women and girls to voice their views to the Constitutional Commission. If I was residing in Fiji and you were a candidate in my electorate, I would vote for Ms Volatabu because of what she stands for.

I agree that we need more women in Fiji's new Parliament to bring fresh new ideas about how best to guide the destiny of Fiji's families and to put an end to coups and corruption that have "stolen" so much from the ordinary folk of Fiji.

p Colin Deoki is a regular contributor to The Fiji Times. These are his views and not that of this newspaper.

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