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What kind of world are we living in

Areki Dawai
Friday, April 06, 2012


After and while the earth was brimming with nature, the Creator then said "let us make man in our image, in our likeness" (Gen 1; 26) to have kingdom and have dominion over the earth. It was on the sixth day of creation. The words "let us" can be of three, seven or even 12 utmost beings.

Conversely The Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit are a word widely spoken by Christians for blessing, of bible scripture, prayer etc.

When the Lord saw it perfect of his creation (Gen 2;16-17) he then commanded Adam (image of utmost) you may eat from any tree in the Garden but you must not eat from the "Tree Of Knowledge" of good and evil, for when you eat of it you will surely die.

On the event of the chief musician Satan, he was held to be one of the two covering Cherub or bearer of the Chicaner Glory (Ez 28:11-17).

Until the moment Satan wanted to exalt himself above or to have the grandeur that was sanctified on the Creator rather than just being the Angel of God (Is 14:13), he was then cast out from Heaven onto the underworld (formless earth) with his fallen angels awaiting the day to convince Eve.

I was quite amazed when a Muslim friend who was converted to Christianity once shared with me the account of Adam, Eve and the keeper of the fruit of knowledge.

On the theology translation based on his converter, he was indoctrinated that Adam was seduced by Eve (in the course of human apples interaction) through the deceitful manner of Satan.

There are Churches with its fundamental principality of beliefs and translation of the biblical event.

The sins of the chief musician, and Adam and Eve had filtered down to Cain (worker of the soil), to the wickedness of humans on earth (Gen 6:5-7) downhill to Lot.

With specific instruction on the person that found favour in the eyes of the Creator, Noah and his family had to prepare for a catastrophic flood that would destroy every living thing on earth.

He was also instructed to take two of all living creatures and two of every kind of "unclean animal" on-board his ark.

The original diet planned by God for mankind consisted only of plant of life. Only after the flood did God authorise the eating of animal life (Gen 9:3-4).

The Ten Commandments was written by the finger of the Creator and the Ceremonial Law was written by Moses (Leviticus and Deuteronomy).

Instead of internalising the laws, they externalised them and formed them into set of rules and regulations which would serve as a political agreement between people and their leaders and which therefore lent themselves naturally to abuse (Isaiah 28:13-15).

Why wouldn't God destroy Satan before the creation of earth? He is merciful and forgiving, and had plans for his only son and the earth with its inhabitants!


In these days Christians have three occasions on acknowledging the existence of Jesus Christ.

Easter is illustrious on the month of April and it is a significant day to some describing it as "sigatabu levu" and the day of Resurrection. Christmas is more than a day of "marau" then a day to show reverence as the Wise men did.

Christians today commemorate first the death, resurrection then birth on the Gregorian calendar since it was introduced by Pope Gregory XIII which regulates the ceremonial cycle of Roman paganism.

The Islam, Muslim, Hindu, Judaism, Buddhist religion etc, in contrary to the existence of their schedules, it's religious day and teaching mean that it has millions of faithful followers the world over, the principle of their individual icon for some reason has similar philosophy.

There are many definite theological identities like God, Krishna, Allah, Brahma, Cosmic Christ, Nirvana, Waheguru or Jesus and many more. The Freemasons use more general terms like Supreme Being or Great Architect of the universe. This enables Masons of different faiths (members of this society are also Christian believers) to gather together.

During the time of Roman Emperor Nero, there was tar covered human torches, death by wild beasts, or crucifixion as a means to punish Christians who would not proclaim Nero as lord "god of this world" (2 Corinthians 4:4). There are diverse belief's with its conception of worship or to concede their deity either in existence or spirituality.

The Prophet Mohamed, Jesus, Buddha, Rama and others have analogous attributes in way of living for all humans.

Some churches are founded by wealthy beings or self-proclaimed prophets of Christ to impose their beliefs, promises, law and with the intention to "vesu-mona" its followers. The Thirty Third Degree and others have members who are Christians of powerful effigy with their philosophy built on honesty and integrity. They are not religious or secret organisations but a society with deep or hidden secrecy.


Job was a faithful servant that even the cast out "once protector of the light" sought authority from the Merciful in Heaven to have his faithful servant on a tryout. Sounds engaging to notice when Lucifer was told that everything is in his power but was then reminded not to lay a finger (Job 1:6-12). Job was then tested and tried up to the point where all his belongings and his own blood was no where to be spared.

The Lord God saw that his servant had repented from his accusation during the trial; he was blessed with a new family, wealth and long life.

When faithful members consent to immorality or break the law set by their religion, he or she has sin so the fear of bad-luck emerges and the commonly accepted wages of sin is death.

To make right with the Church, there are choices handed by ecclesiastics for the breaker to pursue in order to be accepted or to resume duty.

However there are denominations that confess to its Parson as a way to be forgiven of the earthly sin. I was enlightened on one eager congregation which confesses to superior and superior upon superior, upwards, while the Head confesses back to one nominated below the cranium of the church. I am the Way, the Truth and the Life and no man cometh unto my father, but by me (John 14:6).

Jews, Muslims and other brothers concede the Lord of lords and Kings of kings as the only One. Jesus and Mohammed were examples of prophets of Holiness to illustrate humans as the comportment of purity (Mat 5:3-11).

My Theologian Rabi lecturer at YPD once told a story about how he swindled his devoted mother in-law in the darkness of the morning before she gets up to say a little prayer in the living room where she will light a candle in the face of the framed picture of Jesus leaning on a cross. He replaced the median photo with her own dead husband's print then he waited eagerly to see how aware she was. Members of the family were dazed when the faithful woman bleated out vociferous as the brightness of the sun set in to express the dead in print.

There are instructions of various houses of worship for converts to abide and also the many made attachments to trail within the religion.

The baptism of Jesus Christ in the river Jordan by John the Baptist, the fasting of 40 days and nights and the temptation in the wilderness where he was tested by the keeper of the fruit of knowledge.

"The Way" was asked to turn stones into bread, while his answer was "man is not to live on bread alone, but on every word that comes from the mouth of God" (Mat 4:3-4).

On the pinnacle of the temple in Jerusalem, throw yourself down and the Angels will rescue you was the second test onto the "The Truth". Do not put the Lord your God to the test (Mat 4:5-7).

Pluck the eye out or cut your hand whichever of the two has led oneself to impiety. It is a biblical punishment often performed and is still alive in some parts of the Muslim dominion.

Fearsome trying words spoken by the Devil himself that he owns the brightness, decorations and richness of this world, we all wish to have unwavering obedience.

On the final trial, all this will be given to you if you will bow down and worship me!

"The Life" then said: "don't tempt me Satan but worship the Lord your God and serve him only (Mat 4:8-10). The Old Testament prophesies and fulfillment of the law was content and recorded in the New Testament Holy Bible. In revelation we are all living in the world controlled by Satan and his fallen angels (2 Cor 4:4).

nTo be continued tomorrow.....

My expressed opinion does not, in any way, cause me to think less of your commitment to your faith. It only means we have difference of opinion.

* Areki Dawai is a letter writer to The Fiji Times. The opinion is his and not of this newspaper.

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