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Faith in a plan

Serafina Silaitoga
Thursday, May 13, 2010

NIMILOTE Nelson (pictured, right) dropped out of school at the age of 14 and joined the wheelbarrow boys in Labasa Town.

Raised by a single mother, Nimilote is the eldest of two siblings and has also supported his mother financially since taking up the job three years ago.

Although it may seem an unpleasant job for some people, Nimilote, 18, the youngest of the wheelbarrow family has not been deterred by this as he sets his sights on earning good money to save enough for future studies.

In 2007 he dropped out of Form Three at All Saints Secondary School for personal reasons but it hasn't stopped him from working towards a goal set since his childhood days.

"I know I am not educated at this stage, but that does not mean I can't further my studies," he said.

"I have plans to save enough money from the wheelbarrow business I am running and when I save enough, maybe in the next three to four years, I will take up vocational studies in a trade course," Nimilote said.

Becoming an engineer has always been Nimilote's dreams since childhood and despite his situation, he is determined to achieve them.

While saving for his future studies, part of his earnings are given to his mum to help pay the bills at home.

"I also play my part at home helping my mother pay bills and I buy food for us and I also help support my younger brother studying in Nadi," Nimilote said.

He lives in Siberia with his mother, outside the town area and walks to work every morning.

"I leave my wheelbarrow here in the market, locked in a safe place and go home about 6pm or if I still have jobs late in the evening then I finish all my work before going home at about 8pm.

"It's a fun job because I meet a lot of friends and customers and even my friends from school and if I have plenty money, I buy them juice and some junk after school," he said.

Seeing his friends in uniform and holding school books sometimes hurts him.

"At times, I feel that way but I always remind myself that life does not end here and I can still achieve my goals even with the savings I have started from my wheelbarrow job.

"I pray about my future everyday asking God for his guidance and leadership in my life because without God I can't achieve anything."

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