Roko supports mate

Nasoni Roko of Tabadamu Blues looks for support against Portsmouth Kelland Brothers during their match at the 42nd Fiji Bitter Marist 7s at ANZ Stadium yesterday.Picture: RAMA

TABADAMU Blues captain and coach Nasoni Roko has urged Fiji Airways Fiji 7s player Apenisa Cakaubalavu to work extra harder.

Roko said Cakaubalavu had the chance to make it to the final squad if he puts in more work and hard yards.

“He is a brilliant player and he can make it to the final squad, but he needs to put in more extra effort to impress the selectors and national team coach Gareth Baber,” he said.

“He played in the Nawaka and Martinar 7s and having more game time is good for him to polish up on his skills.

“Now he is back with Samu Bale and Terry Tamani who had just returned from England after a six-month rugby contract.

“These players have what it takes and the advice that I always give them is that it is hard trying to get into the national squad, you need to put in more effort if you really want that spot.”

The former Fiji 7s player reminded them it’s not always an easy ride.

“For Cakaubalavu he has been trying and I know he will get there, but he needs a little more than faith in himself and needs to put in more workload,” Roko said.Tabadamu Blues defeated Portsmouth Kelland Brothers 40-0, West Coast Drifters 35-0.