Pickering no stranger to politics

NFP provisional candidate Herbert William Pickering at their office earlier this month. Picture: ELIKI NUKUTABU

HE may be new to the political arena, but Herbert William Pickering is no stranger to politics.

Mr Pickering is the son of former Minister for Tourism and Civil Aviation, David Pickering, who was a member of the then All Nationals Congress Party.

He will be contesting this year’s general election on a National Federation Party ticket.

Mr Pickering was announced as one of the party’s provisional candidates for the upcoming polls last month.

The Lautoka businessman said one of the things that motivated him to contest this year’s election was how the country was run.

“The main thing was that I saw this country was not getting any better and not moving in the right direction,” Mr Pickering claimed.

“That encouraged me to speak for the ones who cannot speak out and try and contribute to this country if I’m elected.

“Some of the issues that I’ll be focusing on will be to better average workers’ wages and working conditions of this country and also freedom of speech and freedom of movement.”

He said if elected into Parliament, he hoped to also engage more youths in the development of the country.

“If I’m elected, I hope to do the best for those who voted for me and also those who didn’t vote for me.”

He added he chose NFP because of its values which he believed could guide the country for the better.