Most common sexual offenders

POLICE have revealed that iTaukei citizens were the most common perpetrators of sexual offences in Fiji.

This was highlighted at a community policing outreach during the Assemblies of God Women’s Fellowship Rally for the Macuata Division last week by North divisional manager community policing Assistant Superintendent of Police, Daiana Taqiri.

ASP Taqiri said 90 per cent of the offenders were unemployed.

She said according to a study by police in 2016, the eldest offender was a 79-year-old, while the youngest was aged 10.

“The oldest victim of sexual offences was 84 years old, while the youngest was three months old,” she said.

“According to study carried out on reports received by police, the most active offender age group was between the ages of 45 years and 55 years.

“These facts are alarming and is a wake up call for parents.

“Parents and guardians need to be vigilant about the whereabouts of their young ones and they need to know the people they associate themselves with.”

ASP Taqiri said iTaukei community needed to review their traditional and social structures because the lack of effective spiritual intervention and the deteriorating moral values in families and societies were the main contributing factors to the increase in such offences.

“Our practices of respect between family members for instance brothers and sisters, sisters and uncles, are being forgotten while children and adults joke at each other freely without limits, something that was considered a taboo in the past,” she said.

“Jokes considered immoral and obscene are now being laughed at openly in our homes and villages.

“This is something that we as a people need to reconsider and seriously look at if we are to address these issues in our iTaukei society.”