Laisa ready to ‘vude’

Vude Queen Laisa Vulakoro relaxing at her home in Wainadoi yesterday. Picture: JOVESA NAISUA

Vude Queen Laisa Vulakoro relaxing at her home in Wainadoi yesterday. Picture: JOVESA NAISUA

VUDE queen Laisa Vulakoro will represent Fiji at a side event of the Commonwealth Games in Australia.

Laisa was contacted by Women of the World (WOW) cultural program supervisor Noelani Netzer to participate in the indigenous woman songwriter category at the WOW festival on April 6.

An emotional Laisa said her passion and love for music had been giving her international tours and at the same time showcased to the world what Fijian musicians could offer.

“I am honoured and I thank Noelani for believing in me. This is a wonderful and milestone achievement to be able to be part of the Commonwealth Games cultural program,” Laisa said.

Laisa has been scheduled to leave Fiji for Australia this morning to rehearse with an all-female band that will be providing back up for her.

The festival will feature indigenous female songwriters from all commonwealth member countries.

“I am pleased that I will get to meet Aborigine songwriters, Maori as well as those from Papua New Guinea and all other countries,” she said.

“But what is more important is that we all share the same passion. So it will be so much fun.”

Laisa will be singing a number titled Jule ni Hanahana which she composed in 1994 after witnessing men and women from the village of Sanasana in Nadroga return from sea with their catch which was fish known as yajule in their dialect.

“I was sitting by the beach where the Intercontinental Resort is now located and I saw this group returning from the sea so I went over to them and asked them what the name of the fish was. They told me the name and some joked to me if I was going to write a song about it,” Laisa said.

“That song was actually one of the songs that was so popular after it was released.”

Laisa will sing two songs one of which is by Eydie Gormie – Blame it on the Bossa Nova.