Konrote: Commitment to Commonwealth strong

FIJI’s commitment to the Commonwealth remains strong.

President Jioji Konrote made the comment while delivering his Commonwealth Day message yesterday.

Mr Konrote said Fiji was part of the 53 nations that made up the Commonwealth covering 2.4 of the 7.5 billion people on Earth.

“While there are 11 Commonwealth member states in the Pacific and almost all Pacific Island nations experience the effects of climate change, Fiji had taken the lead role as president of COP23 — leading the ongoing UN climate negotiations,” he said.

“Our commitment to the Commonwealth remains strong. There is not only the sense of belonging to a great global family that we witnessed recently when Fiji hosted the conference of Commonwealth Education Ministers in Denarau,” Mr Konrote said.

“The Commonwealth is also a powerful force for good in the world and an important vehicle for sustainable development and improving the lives of its 2.4 billion citizens and, in turn, every person on Earth.”

He said Fiji was leading the fight in which we could get bigger nations to accelerate climate action through talanoa dialogue to reduce carbon emissions.

“Fiji is leading this effort because we know that the world must achieve zero net carbon emissions as soon as possible if we are to have any chance of averting the more extreme impacts of climate change such as Tropical Cyclone Winston,” he said.