‘Honour fallen war heroes’

SODELPA leader Sitiveni Rabuka and provisional candidate Lynda Tabuya in Australia. Picture: Supplied

THERE is a need to respect and honour fallen war heroes.

These were the words of Social Democratic Liberal Party (SODELPA) provisional candidate Lynda Tabuya while visiting the Melbourne Shrine of Remembrance in Australia yesterday.

Ms Tabuya is accompanying SODELPA leader Sitiveni Rabuka on his Australian tour, where the party is believed to have launched its manifesto to the Fijian community there.

Mr Rabuka laid a wreath of blue flowers, which signified Fiji’s noble banner blue, at the memorial site. During the tour, Ms Tabuya reflected on the need to respect and honour war heroes, telling those in attendance that her great-grandfather, Josevata Tabuya, was also one of the many soldiers who fought in France during World War I.

Ms Tabuya said it was this type of selfless sacrifice that was needed in this day and age.

She said she hoped to do justice to the memory of her great-grandfather in continuing to fight against oppression and tyranny.