Fiji Time: 11:40 AM on Tuesday 25 November

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    Top Stories this Week

    1. Prime Minister Modi arrives in Fiji Wednesday (19 Nov)
    2. Bula Mr Modi Wednesday (19 Nov)
    3. Modi announces visa on arrival for Fiji people Wednesday (19 Nov)
    4. Modi-fied Thursday (20 Nov)
    5. WHAT FIJI WILL GET Thursday (20 Nov)
    6. PM says sorry Thursday (20 Nov)
    7. Big cheer for a PM of good tidings Thursday (20 Nov)
    8. MPs boycott Wednesday (19 Nov)
    9. Budget Friday (21 Nov)
    10. Deal on NZ jobs Monday (24 Nov)

    Today's Most Read Stories

    1. Stop the bickering
    2. No regrets
    3. Notify us first
    4. Custodial terms
    5. Free water
    6. Plans for major roadworks
    7. Teams vow to collect $25k for Movember
    8. Activism against gender-based violence launched
    9. Bid to bridge the gap
    10. Suffer the children