Fiji Time: 10:04 AM on Monday 19 February

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    Top Stories this Week

    1. Love is patient and always kind Wednesday (14 Feb)
    2. TC Gita: At its closest now Tuesday (13 Feb)
    3. Gita packs power Tuesday (13 Feb)
    4. TC Gita: Eye close by at 9pm Tuesday (13 Feb)
    5. TC Gita: Devastation clear Tuesday (13 Feb)
    6. TC Gita: Rooftop gone at Doi Tuesday (13 Feb)
    7. Engine fire forces Fiji Link return Tuesday (13 Feb)
    8. None like Gita Friday (16 Feb)
    9. Della S(h)aw love Thursday (15 Feb)
    10. Dash for cover Wednesday (14 Feb)

    Today's Most Read Stories

    1. Play for the love of 7s
    2. APOLOGY
    3. Long wait
    4. Farmers welcome rainy spell
    5. Ear health screening
    7. Plans to open caves for public viewing
    8. Police receive poll training
    9. Health centre request
    10. Adi Meretui joins SODELPA camp