Fiji Time: 6:00 PM on Sunday 7 February

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    Top Stories this Week

    1. Blitzed out Monday (01 Feb)
    2. Suspended Tuesday (02 Feb)
    3. 49-year-old man arrested at Nadi airport Wednesday (03 Feb)
    4. Ryan admits he understand the losing feeling Monday (01 Feb)
    5. 7s reaction Tuesday (02 Feb)
    6. Joy ride ends in the hospital Monday (01 Feb)
    7. 7s release Monday (01 Feb)
    8. Sevens changes Friday (05 Feb)
    9. Fiji picks up the pieces Thursday (04 Feb)
    10. Running brawl part of journey to Rio Wednesday (03 Feb)

    Today's Most Read Stories

    1. Kenya's next
    2. Injuries hit team
    3. Sydney 7s: World Rugby probes NZ, Australia game
    4. Flag for 'modern Fiji'
    5. Sydney 7s: Fiji, NZ semi-final showdown
    6. 14 have no home
    7. Ryan happy with team
    8. Entity takes legal action
    9. PM commends seed farmer for hard work, success
    10. On course