Fiji Time: 9:53 PM on Monday 25 September

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    Top Stories this Week

    1. A sad graduation for Waqatakirewa Saturday (23 Sep)
    2. The fee to kill Tuesday (19 Sep)
    3. Mysteries of the floating island Wednesday (20 Sep)
    4. Pay rise deal Wednesday (20 Sep)
    5. Man freed from prison Tuesday (19 Sep)
    6. Fiji's first Monday (25 Sep)
    7. Resort's legacy Thursday (21 Sep)
    8. Planned water disruption advisory for Suva Wednesday (20 Sep)
    9. Strike threat Tuesday (19 Sep)
    10. Body find at Vesida Wednesday (20 Sep)

    Today's Most Read Stories

    1. Fiji's first
    2. Wrong destination for U16
    3. Complaints worry A-G
    4. NFP takes ideas to US, Canada
    5. Be patient, says Akbar
    6. Hazelman: No need for inquiry
    7. MP: Government will not be swayed
    8. Vocea: Let the world know
    9. Party supporters vow to make a difference
    10. Fiji registers 5.1 mag quake