BEACHCOMBER was told of this tale by a regular contributor.

He said he went to Rakiraki on a sales trip and during a grog session, a chap told him this.

His three brothers went to buy a coffin and loaded it in their pick-up truck.

The youngest brother sat at the back with the coffin.

Soon it started raining, so the young one got into the coffin and closed the lid so he wouldn’t get wet.

At a bus stop two young men waved for a lift.

Big brother stops and the two get into the back of the pick-up truck.

As they drove along, the boy in the coffin pushes the lid aside and puts his hand out to feel if it was raining.

Shocked, the two young men scream for the driver to stop.

They jumped off the pick-up truck and started running.

Puzzled, the two in the front looked back to see their young brother sitting up in the coffin.

Their family couldn’t understand why they were laughing so much when they delivered the coffin to the hospital.