Easter message: Live a culture of love

President of the Methodist Church in Fiji Reverend Dr Epineri Vakadewavosa. Picture: FT FILE

Update: 2:19PM FIJIANS, especially those who are of the Christian faith, are urged to recommit themselves to practicing and living a culture of love.

President of the Methodist Church in Fiji Reverend Dr Epineri Vakadewavosa stressed this in his Easter message to the nation today.

“This Easter, I invite all Fijians to reflect on the need for a culture of love in our society,” Rev Dr Vakadewavosa said.

He shared one of the most well-known Bible verses – John 3:16 – saying at a time when our planet was in crisis, there was a need to love and care for our land and oceans.

“Beyond the political and international work to address climate change, we are called to love and care for all which God has created,” he said.

“While there are many examples of how we have and continue to fail to do so in Fiji, the message of Easter reminds us that we can seek forgiveness for our hypocrisy and arrogant attitudes to the environment and start to act and live in ways that affirm both human and non-human life on earth.

“Our love for God and God’s creation calls us to sustainable living, protection of the environment, of which we are a part; recognising the dangerous attitudes and practices which degrade the land and ocean and stopping them.”