E-ticketing scrutiny

THE Land Transport Authority (LTA) has recruited 95 officers to monitor enforcement of the Electronic Fare Ticketing Act throughout the country.

Board chairperson Vijay Maharaj said the new recruits, brought in to scrutinise the E-ticketing system, showed the commitment by LTA towards addressing any issues with the cashless public transport system.

He said this would instil more confidence among E-ticketing travellers.

“LTA is making every effort to ensure that stakeholders become friendly with the system and any complaints can be made through SMS to the number 582 or people can call the toll free line 0800 334 2886 or email us at complaints@lta.com.fj for redress,” Mr Maharaj said.

He added the 95 officers would be deployed at bus stands and stopping areas to check passenger E-transport cards and to monitor driver and passenger conduct towards the E-ticketing system.

The officers were also tasked with creating awareness programs, handling passenger, driver and other stakeholder concerns and would also be providing regular feedback to them.

According to LTA, 14 officers will be based in the Northern Division including Taveuni, 20 in the Western Division and 61 in the Central/Eastern Division.