Arya clears the air on graduation date change

THE change in date for the University of Fiji’s Saweni campus graduation ceremony was not because of national budget consultations, says registrar Kamlesh Arya.

The university issued a statement yesterday in response to comments raised by students at the university’s Suva campus that the Lautoka graduation date had been changed to accommodate budget consultation.

Mr Arya said the change in date for the graduation ceremony was reached by a democratic process through discussions with various staff and stakeholders at the university.

He added the budget consultation was not the primary reason for the date change.

Mr Arya said there was a significant need for the date change because of initiatives that were in the pipeline which needed approval from the council before the graduation was held. These initiatives are for the betterment of the students.

He said when the change of dates was made, students were made aware well in advance.

“Each graduating student was notified via email or phone call of the change of dates,” he said.

“Between the advertisement of the previous graduation date and notification of the change, students were given a month’s lead time,” he said.

Mr Arya said soon after the query was raised, the university informed the Ministry of Education, Heritage and Arts that the change in dates was not primarily because of the budget consultations but because of other circumstances.

The University of Fiji echoed sentiments shared by Attorney-General and Minster of Education Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum, that it had received only two or three complaints in regards to the graduation date change.

“At The University of Fiji, students remain the most important stakeholders and we are continuously trying to improve on delivering quality and affordable education to all our students for a knowledge-based society in Fiji.

“We convey our apologies to the students for any inconvenience caused due to the change in dates. The graduation will be held on April 13, 2018.”