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Breaking news

Fiji welcomes 2018's first baby
Crimes against women and children has to stop: Qiliho
Information appeal for Hamilton robbery
Northern Division notes drop in road fatalities
Solomon islander burns kitchen out of anger
New Year outdoors for most Suva families
Police: Largely incident-free events
Police confiscate kwaso and drugs
Two die in plane crash at Te Kopuru
Offer remains for ATS workers; one more returns
Krishna helps Phoenix
Special court sitting for escapee's wife and lawyer
Gaji Road closed for upgrading
Fatal crash overnight in Maungatapu
Weather watch: Showers and thunderstorms forecast
New year babies
'Remain united'
'Maintain rich culture, tradition'
Messages of hope from politicians
Boy, 16, electrocuted
ATS urges workers to return to work
Ban on coral trade
Man charged for farmer's death
Lack of unity contributes to business downfall, says chief
Nakauyaca: Don't throw water on vehicles
$15.4m cane planting grant well received
Fishermen struggle to earn income
Illegal parking
Escapee's lawyer charged, in custody
NZ residency a relief for family
The footprints of an act of bravery

Credit slowdown
Mixed sectoral performances
Robust consumption, investment activity drive demand
Inflation stands at 2.6pc, foreign reserves drop
Merchandise exports decline
$19m support
Central bank makes changes to executive roles
Call for more charges to Amazon's shipping
Price rise in 2018
Growth slows sharply, outlook to remain under 3pc
Wall St eyes gains in new year with a side of caution

Saiasi the crooner

Love for the elderly
A new year beckons


Wishing you a happy new year

Christmas meals
Welcome 2018
Blessed new year
Happy 2018
My top awards
Quick Views
Healthy life
Sad curtain

The Diary Times





7s Masirewa gets top call
Local talents
2017 over and out
Sports finest hour
Hussain cards golf success
West derby in league
Former reps for NZ event
8 for games
Former Wallabies captain dies
United slips to third position in league
Winning start for Swansea coach

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