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Breaking news

Teenagers arrested over Palmerston North robbery
ANZ Samoa launches Pinktober campaign
Unexploded bomb found near Munda Airport runway
E-Ticketing: Labasa residents collect cards
Fiji Times case: Seven days to file submission
Rugby league: Vodafone Fiji Residents up tempo
Christchurch Police investigate roadside fight
Politics: Unity Fiji has heard peoples' voice, says Narube
ILO Pacific constituents discuss modern slavery
Boxing: Matches to revive sport up north
EU-SCC team up to increase marine litter awareness
Police arrest five in relation to Fleet double homicide
MPs further enhance their knowledge on SDGs
Vanuatu earthquake poses no tsunami threat
Burst main disrupts Ba water supply
Bus companies not prepared for change: Ro Teimumu
Assessor in sedition trial excused
Certificate of citizenship accepted for overseas voter registration
eTransport: More disposable cards in buses
eTransport: Vodafone staff to assist at bus stands
People brave ride home in luggage compartments
'Fare competition'
"Detractors' warned
Flotsam and Jetsam
Students refused ride home
Call to review system
15,000 support fish ban
Issues with eTicketing
Province to ban sea cucumber
Association explains $21 per tonne charge
Kumar: Fiji feels the impact
Climate experts meet
Finding common solutions to disaster
Child labour concern
Back in court
Arts applies for bail variation
Court rules case to answer in sedition trial
eTicketing issue
Early detection vital
Cancer is killer number three, says Wilson
Sex, drugs and money - the life of a sex worker
Candidates line up
Party's traditional supporters intact
Students becoming environmentally conscious
Underutilised funds issue
Fire slows yield

Fashion capital
Traders breach Act
$1.48m bonus
Fast food franchise expands to the city
From Fiji to Paris
Financial literacy
Group raises $11,000
How does it work
Rude awakening for Cuban businesses
Rise in oil output
China's bitcoin market alive

At home on the island

For a resilient Pacific


Addressing a concern

Cancer awareness
Let's be fair
Doctor services
Reality check
Brave Fijian effort
Whose fault

The Diary Times



TV Guide


Boxing plan
Challenge for Fiji Residents
Visitors rule
More 7s games
Talei savours Bati chance
Cakau's Bati dream
Messi double helps Barca down Las Palmas
Napoli keeps lead
Everton beaten
United States wins seventh title
Paul rules British Masters
sports notebook
Hussein defends 2017 Nadi Golf Open title
HTAS returns to Suva Zone after 8 years
Masada Youth 7s
Cen tops snooker list
Club support
Graham to hit the ground running

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