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Breaking news

10-12 nights schedule for Wainibuku bridge repair
Alternative livelihoods for inmates
$1.6m school for Bau
Fiji commences minimum wage review
Easter treat for Dilkusha Home
Health challenges top agenda in regional meet
Rape suspect opts for Legal Aid
Heavy Police presence at Coke Games
Elderly rape suspect further remanded
Gau for Gold
Fuel company supports Coke Games
Nurses get counselling
Airline appoints first female engineering manager
Easter service: ComPol reminds officers to forgive
April date for Ratu Isoa's judgement
Cokes: ACS to use Easter
Parliament buses to Naitasiri
Accounts committee queries savings
Sangam moves to Labasa
Pacific health officials discuss outbreaks
Blood requirement discriminatory
Lautoka driver charged
Rising up against the odds
Infant dies
REACH program launches mobile service
Germany stands by Fiji
Babies latest victims
Ministry reveals increase in school dropouts
Drivers disgruntled with illegal operators
Blood test woes
Work on slip diverts traffic
Ministry to wrap up bylaws talks
Party seeks clarity on future of Penang mill
Plea for road repairs
Plan set for State island station
Woman hurt in attack
Specialist surgeons
Woman says she did not consent
Tudravu: No bail for drunk drivers
Gifts of light for hospital delivery rooms
Focus on discipline
Authority works on congestion
$13.9m to fix traffic lights
Dairy farmers fear herd losses
Overload bills add up
Free access
Seaweed plans
Statesman, soldier and musician
FRA clarifies role

Market priority
Bank introduces new chip credit card
Fund specifies leasing space
Best for the people
Villages partner with resort
$30,000 grant
$13k from charity walk
Growth potential
Rise in US job openings

Preacher at the zone

Their harvest of love
Our journey next 5 years and beyond
50th year milestone achievement
The new age of electricity
FEA in the 1970s
Power flows from the dam
Light reaches villages
Safety tips to avoid risks at home
Energising Fiji
Reforms for FEA
2015 profit of $39.7 million
Hydro Electric Scheme
Desire to grow collectively
New partners for additional capacity
Future development
Fiji's success as an energy country
A healthy bite is life
Clearer images and affordable
It's back on the shelves
It's wine o'clock
You'll enjoy the fusion better
A whole range of goodies
Keep fit
Eat right with a daily healthy diet
Natural remedies for dandruff
Dealing with insomnia
Eat right
A vendor makes a living


When the tough get going

The pain of losing
Mother tongue
Push to start
Road safety
Defend and attack
Quick Views
Religious tournaments
Magnificent Fijians

The Diary Times



TV Guide


Lifetime experience for 5 couples as they ready for Singapore treat
Fiji FA follows FIFA way to announce draws
Boost for islanders
Former South Pacific champ dies
Qasevakatini optimistic of a win
A review of Singapore
Praise for Fiji team
Makoi ready to defend Muslim football tournament title
Kiwis wary of Fiji weather
Suva to field top players
Maritime Zone schools ready
Sports Notebook
Force launches legal action against ARU
15 teams for 2018
Blasts hit Dortmund team's bus, player hurt
Dybala enjoys childhood dream
Injuries hit Cowboys camp, Hampton in
Sikh moves tourney
Kenya after title
Tietjens sets target
Ngcobo answers Blitzbokke SOS call

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